Conventional Military Imbalance and Strategic Stability in South Asia
Rodney W. Jones
For University of Bradford/SASSU
March, 2005

The U.S. War on Terrorism: Religious Radicalism and Nuclear Confrontation in South Asia
Rodney W. Jones

Minimum Nuclear Deterrence Postures in South Asia: an Overview
by Policy Architects International
written for the Advanced Systems and Concepts Office of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

South Asia Under the Nuclear Shadow: Is Stable Nuclear Deterrence Feasible?
Rodney W. Jones
written for The Friday Times (Lahore), February 22-28, 2002.

India Exercises Military Muscle
Rodney W. Jones
written for The Friday Times (Lahore), July 6-12, 2001.

Military Asymmetry and Instability in Emerging Nuclear States: India and Pakistan
Rodney W. Jones
Presentation for the Fourth Nuclear Stability Roundtable
"Strategic Stability and Global Change"
March 12-13, 2002

Force Modernization Trends - India and Pakistan
Rodney W. Jones
Presentation for the APCSS Conference on Conventional Arms Rivalry in Asia-Pacific Region
October 23-25, 2001

The Prospects of State Failure in Pakistan: Ethnic, Regional, and Sectarian Fissures
Rodney W. Jones
for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session on the Future of Pakistan: Prospects of State Failure
May 1, 2001

Lessons of Gujarat's Bhuj Earthquake:
Could Karachi Be Next?
Rodney W. Jones
Ross Johnson
written for The Friday Times (Lahore), Vol. XIII, No. 14, June 1-7, 2001.

Tracking Nuclear Proliferation
A Guide in Maps and Charts
Rodney W. Jones
Mark G. McDonough
written for the Carnegie Endowment - 1998
ISBN: 0-87003-113-9

Nuclear Command and Control Issues in Pakistan
Presentation to Islamabad Council on World Affairs - Institute of Strategic Studies Seminar
on Command and Control of Nuclear Weapons in South Asia
February 21-22, 2000

Pakistan's Nuclear Posture: Quest for Assured Nuclear Deterrence - A Conjecture
Spotlight on Regional Affairs Vol. XIX No. 1
Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad
January 2000

Pakistan's Nuclear posture
Orginally published in Dawn, September 14-15, 1999.

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