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Areas of Emphasis

Policy Architects International offers research and project management expertise and services on political, economic, and security problems that affect national modernization, development and commercial expansion in the international environment, with special emphasis on the Middle East, Gulf, Central and Southern Asia, and the Pacific Rim. For client services, PAI emphasizes cultural as well as physical familiarity, and the building of personal and institutional relations with key actors in these specific geographic regions. PAI's areas of expertise are weighted to support planning, negotiating, evaluating and implementing international assistance and cooperative development projects in private and public sectors.

International Economic Development

Policy Architects International offers a wide range of practical expertise in international economic development, particularly in project development that employs international means of assistance or private investment for social, economic and infrastructural modernization and technical development in various nations. Policy Architects' special expertise covers:

Fields of Project Experience

Policy Architects International provides support in various phases of project development, including: Policy Architects' staff offers extensive overseas experience in the following development fields and project functional areas:

Project Accomplishments

Policy Architects International has conducted or provided support for projects initiated by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), U.N. affiliates FAO, ILO, UNDP, UNHCR, and UNIDO, the World Bank (IBRD) and Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila. PAI also maintains contacts with a variety of other international institutions, including the EBRD (London), EU (Brussells), Center for Transnational Corporations (Vienna), IADB, IMF, UNICEF, and the World Property Organization (Geneva).

Policy Architects International has moved well beyond the domestic consulting environment to establish itself as an international policy services organization. PAI staff have operated on numerous projects in the Middle East and Asia. Country experience with specific projects includes Afghanistan in central Asia and all southern Asian states from Afghanistan to Myanmar (Burma), particularly Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. PAI has project experience in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. And PAI staff have professional resources, expertise and travel in the oil-producing states in the Gulf region, the newly independent states of Central Asia, and the Pacific Rim including Japan, Republic of Korea, and China.

Business Inquiries and Information

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