Nuclear Non-Proliferation Project
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Table of Contents

Seminar Overview
Rodney W. Jones, Seminar Chair

Panel I: The Role and Status of the START Treaties
Chair: Rodney Jones, Carnegie START II Project
Amb. Yuri Nazarkin, Center for International Problems (START Negotiator)
Alexei Arbatov, Deputy Chair, State Duma Defense Committee
Michael Nacht, Assistant Director, ADCA/Strategic and Eurasian Affairs
Amb. Mikhail Streltsov, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Amb. Linton Brooks, Center for Naval Analysis (START Negotiator)

Panel II: Containing Missile Proliferation
Chair: Richard Speier, Independent Consultant
Seth Carus, Center for Naval Analysis
Alexander Pikayev, State Duma Defense Committee Staff
Tim McCarthy, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Robert Einhorn, U.S. Department of State
Henry Sokolski, Center for Nonproliferation Policy Education

Panel III: The Role of the ABM Treaty and National Missile Defense
Chair: Rodney Jones, Carnegie START II Project
Keith Payne, National Institute for Public Policy
Amb. Yuri Nazarkin, Center for International Problems, (START Negotiator)
Stephen Cambone, Center for Strategic and International Studies
John Pike, Federation of American Scientists

Address: The Offense-Defense Relationship: Past and Future
Amb. Ronald F. Lehman II